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Organic Baby and Toddler Meals Delivered to Your Door


Children, especially in the infant stage, grow and develop rapidly. From 4 months to 4 years, a child’s feeding gradually changes from transitional baby food to their family diet. The basic principle for achieving well-balanced, healthy eating is variety! With our expertise, we plan meals that optimize your child’s nutritional needs for each stage of their development to set them up for their healthiest life. This helps your child reach their maximum genetic potential.


Once you have placed your order, we shop for you. We purchase all organic, wholesome ingredients from trusted, ethical farms. Everything is organic, non-GMO, hand-selected and seasonally sourced. And perhaps the best part for busy parents: you can forget about the stress of waiting in grocery lines and carrying heavy shopping bags!


Our highly researched, safe cooking methods help retain the maximum vitamins in our meals. We steam, we stew, we bake, we purée, and we boil… BUT we NEVER fly our food! We prepare the dishes in small batches just hours before we sent them for delivery. We never cook with additives, colors, preservatives or any harmful stuff! Because wholesome, delicious food doesn’t need additives.


Our services deliver enough healthy food for the entire week so you can focus on parenting! We freeze the meals to lock all the vitamins and nutrients before packaging them in beautiful, eco-friendly BPA-free containers. We carefully pack  them in a recyclable brown box together with our special cover, designed to make sure meals arrive safely to your home through our overnight delivery service.

What parents are saying...

  • We appreciate that there is a variety of different foods offered to encourage her to widen her palate and discover new flavors. As working parents in the city, it's so useful for us to have a healthy, varied and convenient meal delivery plan for our toddler.

    - Eli R.
  • The food was truly delicious - my toddler couldn’t get enough of it! In fact, he actually asked for more. It all came fresh and packaged adorably. I definitely recommend to parents everywhere.

    - Therese M.
  • As busy parents of three children we were super exited to hear about First Spoons. For us combination of quality and convenience for our baby and toddlers is everything. First Spoons food just speaks for itself; the minute the kids try it they can tell the difference . Because the food is freshly made, not only its taste, but also its texture, colors and aroma are so appealing that kids enjoy and savor every minute of eating it. Thank you First Spoons, we love you!

    -Adriana M., food consumption researcher and mom of three
  • Few things in the care for a small child are of such big, daily importance, and varied, healthy, food within reach is one of them. My child and I are lucky to have FirstSpoons take care of it all. Their menus look great, taste great and provide all the nutrition a child needs to grow and develop into their best self. Thank you, FirstSpoons, for making that part of the magic possible!

    -Evgenia Angelova