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An apple a day

An apple a day

March 7, 2018

An Apple a Day Keeps The Doctor Away?

Most of us love Apples. Apple Pie for adults and Apple Sauce, low sugar muffins and cinnamon apples for children. Apples are delicious, nutritious, and good for you…. right? Well, that depends. The above old adage may no longer be true if you choose Apples that are not Organic. We have all heard that Organic is best for us and our children, however, do you know why, at First Spoons Organic Baby Food Delivery, we believe that Organic is really the only choice for baby food for our customers in Boston, and beyond?

If you look at the USDA’s reports on Apples and Pesticides, in an actual jar of Non-Organic Apple Sauce for Babies there are 19 different Pesticides that can be found. In an actual jar of Non-Organic Applesauce for Babies; not on the apple! Nineteen different poisons, potentially in that jar of “affordable” food that you are about to feed your baby. Two of them are known as probable carcinogens, 6 are suspected hormone disruptors, one is a known neurotoxin, and two of them are known developmental/reproductive toxins. This is no laughing matter, and not to be taken lightly. Your baby deserves clean, healthy, natural food and that is what we at, First Spoons Organic Baby Food Delivery provide to our customers in Boston, and the n

We are passionate about Organic Baby Food Delivery and the health of this nation’s babies and children. That is why we decided to focus on providing whole, natural, organic foods. We know that parents today are increasingly busy and pulled in many directions, so we make it easy for you to provide the best for your little ones! We have consulted the doctors and nutritionists and have come up with recipes, and have prepared the food and deliver directly to you in Boston and other areas of the Northeast. First Spoons makes it easy and efficient to give your precious children the absolute best start in life. We encourage Parents to give fresh Organic Apples to Kids as snacks

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