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Why music and dance are essential for your baby bond

Why music and dance are essential for your baby bond

November 11, 2018

Everyone loves to sing and dance – but did you know that it’s an essential part of your baby’s development? Music and movement are part of a healthy lifestyle and self-expression, too. Let’s take a look at all those benefits in detail. Plus, we’ve shared some fun ideas for singing and dancing with your baby!


Benefits of music and dance

The benefits of music and dance are mental, as well as physical. And it’s not just for your baby: you can enjoy the power of music, too.

Benefits for your baby

• Dancing helps to develop confident, coordinated movement and good posture

• Singing and dancing teach children to express themselves and their emotions in a healthy, creative way

• Listening to music, clapping, and singing along help your baby to develop a sense of rhythm

• The steady, rocking movement of dancing reminds your baby of their time in the womb. This helps them to feel calm and safe

• Music teaches babies about patterns and memory, developing their cognitive thinking skills


Benefits for you

• Fun, creative activities like this are a great way to spend time with your baby, and develop your parental bond

• Dancing is good exercise – and great for your mental health! Being a parent is stressful, so take time out to enjoy yourself with a song and a boogie

• Singing makes you take deep breaths, filling your body with oxygen and releasing tension


How to start music and dance with your baby

You might already be a talented musician or dancer. But if you’re not sure where to start with music and dance, try these fun ideas!

1. ⁃ Put the baby in a sling and dance to your favorite tunes. This is a great option for small babies. They’ll feel the rhythm and tone of the music through your dancing.

2. ⁃ Make music part of your daily ritual. You could choose a favorite nursery rhyme as your “getting dressed” song, or pick some calming music for bathtime. This has the added benefit of soothing your baby. The comforting sound of your voice will make the routine a special time in their day.

3. ⁃ Monkey see, monkey do. Get down on the same level as your baby, and copy their movements! Put on some lively music and let them wriggle about. You’d be surprised how fun it is!


Music and dancing are important for happy, healthy babies and parents. Don’t forget that eating a natural, seasonal diet will support your mental and physical health, too! Look at the First Spoons menus to learn more about giving your child the nutritional support they need.

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