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Baby foods for the Winter Season

Baby foods for the Winter Season

February 13, 2018

Baby foods for the Winter Season

As the winter cold increases, the warm clothes are not enough to protect your baby from the cold and flu viruses that are so rampant during this period. You need to adjust your baby’s diet to include meals that supply nutrients and vitamins to help prevent and combat these viruses. Winter is also one of the seasons to introduce some seasonal foods to your baby’s diet.
At First Spoons, we keep your baby covered all year round. Like adults, babies favor soups during this cold period; it’s easier to swallow and keeps them warm. Here are some soups to order from us to keep your babys’ diet on point as the season gets colder. Please remember that soup is good for kids in any season.

1. Chicken with Broccoli and Cauliflower soup: A delicious soup made with chicken, cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes, butter, and celery.
2. Matzoh Ball Soup: This mouth-watering soup is prepared with chicken, carrots, parsley and matzoh balls.
3. Delicate Noodle Soup: A comfort food for cold nights, made with green onions, noodles and a variety of veggies.
4. Minestrone Soup: This nutrient-packed soup is made with tomatoes, green beans, carrots, small macaroni, pasta, onion, celery, butter, parsley, and garlic.
5. Spinach and Pumpkin Soup: Our good-for-one spinach and pumpkin soup are made with spinach, carrot, pumpkin, and butter.
6. Beef Mexican Bean Soup: This protein-packed soup is made with beef, de-skinned beans, carrots, onion, tomatoes, butter, and mint.
7. Borscht Soup: Our vitamin-packed Borscht Soup is made with beef, potato, carrot, tomatoes, onion, garlic, parsley, lemon, cabbage and vegetable oil.
8. Fish Soup with Vegetables: This nourishing soup is made with fish, carrot, potato, tomatoes, onion, cabbage, celery, parsley and vegetable oil.
9. Chicken Pea Soup: This appetizing healthful soup is made with chicken, peas, garlic, celery, carrot, onion, basil and olive oil.
10. Cream of Chicken Soup: Our tasty cream of chicken soup is made with chicken, potato, carrot, celery, onion, flour, semolina, and milk.
11. Alphabet Tomato Soup: This is a very enjoyable soup, made with tomatoes, carrots, alphabet pasta, parsley, and butter.
12. Chicken with Baby Spinach Soup: Made with chicken, spinach, carrot, onion, butter, quinoa, and celery. Chicken soup with baby spinach is a delectable meal that babies love.
13. Cream of Potato and Carrot Soup: Very nourishing and delicious soup made with potatoes, carrots, whole milk, butter, wheat, onion, flour, and parsley.
14. Hearty Meatball Soup: Our flavourful hearty meatball soup is packed with nutrients from ground beef, carrots, onion, angel hair, parsley, and butter.
15. Three Root Soup: Simple but a healthy baby food, made with sweet potatoes, carrot, parsnip, and butter.
16. Vegetable Soup: This is the best vitamin-packed soup of the season. It is made with carrot, cabbage, celery, potatoes, tomatoes, onion, butter, and parsley.

With our baby foods, you have a wide variety to choose from, including regular or vegetarian meals. Our plan can cover your baby’s diet for as long as 2 weeks. Our foods are made in the most hygienic environment, in a state-of-the-art kitchen, with organic ingredients, zero preservatives, and low sugar. In Europe Kids are kept healthy because soup is part of their diet whereas in the USA soup isn’t part of the nutritional program. It is also important to note that our stage 2 soup (for babies over 10 months who have passed the stage SINGLES and HEALTHY MIX) is pureed, however, is a real cooked soup. It is prepared in the most nutritious way. We are the only company in America that follows this essential Protocol.

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