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What’s your baby’s sleep style?

What’s your baby’s sleep style?

October 17, 2018

Tips and tricks for bedtime from First Spoons

When you welcome a new baby into the family, there are a few topics which suddenly become more fascinating than you ever imagined. Who would guess that you have so many conversations about diapers?

Sleep is another one of those hot-button topics. How much does your baby sleep? What position do they sleep in? What’s your bedtime routine?

The secret to good sleep is different for each baby. But whatever it takes, a good night’s sleep is vital for your child’s growth, development, health, and happiness. Not to mention the parents: it’s hard to be your best when you’re exhausted. So let’s dive in with some handy hints for a better bedtime.



Create a peaceful atmosphere

Find a bedtime ritual that suits your child. Many babies find a bath soothing and relaxing. Make sure the lights are low and there is no unnecessary noise while you put on pyjamas and get ready for bed.

Most kids love bedtime stories, and you can start these earlier than you think! Even if your baby is too small to follow the thread of a story, they will still benefit from hearing a calm, loving voice.

The most important thing is to be consistent. Follow the same pattern every night.



Support sleep with a healthy diet

No one likes to sleep on an empty stomach! For very small children, try a peaceful milk feed just before bed. For older children, try a little warm milk or plain rusk. Just remember to brush teeth afterwards!

Don’t feed your baby high-energy snacks or juice with artificial additives. If your child enjoys a natural, organic diet, then they will be more in touch with their natural rhythms of energy and rest.


For example, you can be confident that all First Spoons meals are free from preservatives, additives, flavorings, and excess sugar or salt. Your child will enjoy healthy, seasonal dishes that are perfectly designed for their needs and development.

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