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Back to School

Back to School

August 15, 2018

Yes, we know! It’s back to school and you have a lot on your plate. But cheer up because you will have more time at home with the baby! And just the thought of spending time with the baby should make you smile.


“The end of summer and the beginning of a new school year can be a stressful time for parents and children,” says psychologist Lynn Bufka, PhD.  So, remember that you have to organize your family activities so that everyone needs are recognized and met to the greatest extent possible – no one should feel left out.

Here are a few tips to avoid your family from feeling left out:


⁃ Hug older kids and tell them you love them

Showing affection to your older kids is a reminder that you still love and care for them. Even The Child Trends agrees that when children are shown warmth and affection it results in life-long positive outcomes. So, before sending off your older kids to school hug and kiss them and do the same when they return.


⁃ Buy gifts for them

Another strategy that you can use to keep children happy is to buy them gifts and tell them that the gifts are from the baby. This will get them excited and make them feel special too. It will also decrease the chance of them being jealous of the baby.


⁃Pre-pack their lunches

You don’t want to come across as unorganized so pre-pack their lunches overnight. This will help you to avoid the morning rush and give you more time to attend to the baby’s morning duties. The kids will also know that you were thinking about them.


TIP:   To have more time with the baby, and to make it easier to pack your kids lunch boxes, order delicious and nutritious homemade lunches that are cooked with tender loving care.


⁃ Surprise them at breakfast

What do you usually feed them for breakfast? Remember, most times kids refuse to have breakfast but telling them that you have a nutritious surprise for them will make them curious.

So, surprise them with a different tasting breakfast menu. They will get excited.

You should also include them when planning breakfast. Let them tell you what they would like for breakfast or have them write it down the night before.


⁃ Arrange family nights

You have spent all day with the baby home alone so arrange a weekend night of games and fun with everyone, baby included. But during these activities do not concentrate on the baby alone, give everyone your full attention. If you believe that the baby will distract you, put the baby to bed or arrange for a babysitter.


While you’re at home with your baby, have fun too. Stay actively engaged by creating fun activities for you and your baby to play and laugh.

Hey, you can’t forget your spouse! When everyone is asleep hang out with a bottle of wine and show your spouse some love and appreciation too!


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