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From Ballroom Dancing to Baby Food: How One Couple Started A Baby Meal Delivery Service

From Ballroom Dancing to Baby Food: How One Couple Started A Baby Meal Delivery Service

November 2, 2016

fs-blogpost-1Hey, Delyan and Boriana here. Hailing from Bulgaria, we’re a husband and wife entrepreneurial duo who have called the United States home for the last 17 years. We love dancing. We’ve been dancing since we were little kids. And after winning both the youth and amateur Latin and ballroom nationals in Bulgaria, we took a leap of faith and moved to the US to further develop our dance careers.

With a lot of hard work and a little luck, we were super successful. We’ve danced all over the world and been broadcast on TV shows such as ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and PBS’ America’s Ballroom Challenge. Our greatest accomplishments include World Cup Professional Latin Dance Champions and the USA National Show Dance Champions.

blogpost-1-fsGrowing up as dancers, we were taught the importance of a healthy lifestyle to promote endurance, fitness and focus at a very young age. Farm to table cooking was an everyday occurrence in our homes and the benefits were immediate and apparent during those long hours of dance practice. Our endurance improved, our immune system was boosted, our overall look was sleek and toned, and we felt like we were in the best shape of OUR lives.

As our professional dancing careers came to an end, we decided to start a family and in February 2015, our daughter Savanna was born. Her health was paramount to us and we quickly learned that the current baby food options on the market were subpar and contained questionable ingredients. We (and by “we”, we really mean Boriana) began to purée her own food for Savanna using only fresh, organic ingredients. A light bulb went off as we thought, “wouldn’t it be great if this was an option available for all families and delivered right to their doorsteps?!” And in August 2016, our second baby, First Spoons™, was born.

blogpost-1Since nothing like this pre-exists on the market, work from the ground up began. After consulting with a team of experts in their respective fields, including doctors, chefs, dietitians and nutritionists, we are so excited to be opening our doors this November. Now comes the real part: building a company we’re proud of and promising that with First Spoons™, your child will be eating delicious healthy foods with no preservatives or artificial coloring, using only 100% organic, fresh, seasonal ingredients that will be delivered right to your door!

Our mission is to change the way American children eat and to help establish healthy habits at an early age. Let’s feed our children food that we can truly feel good about.

fs-blogpost-1We look forward to having you and your little one be a part of the First Spoons™ revolution. Because every child deserves the best…

Thanks for reading!

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