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August 2, 2018

Did you know that because beans have a combination of nutrients the Dietary Guidelines for Americans quoted beans as a “unique” source of protein?

Beans come in many different shapes, size, and color and they are good for kids to eat. Your child will get the essential protein needed for healthy growth and development from a dish of beans.


And the health benefits are numerous too! Let’s take a look at some of the nutrients that your kids will get from eating beans.

• Protein – source of energy, fights infection

• Fiber – to help improve digestion as well keep kids’ bowels free.

• Assist with growth

• Keep blood sugar level balanced – soften mood swings and calm emotions.

• Great source of antioxidants

• Vitamin A & C

• Essential minerals like calcium and Iron


Now that you know the nutrients that kids will get from eating beans, let’s look at some of the ways that you can serve or introduce your kids to beans.

• Start with little amounts, 1 or 2 spoonsful is enough for kids 8 – 10 months.

• Lima beans are easy to digest so we recommend starting with these.

• Puree, pulsed or mashed beans – it is easier to swallow and chew.


Also, keep the bean recipes for kids tasty! Meaning, find creative ways to make their meal delicious.

For example, for kids 10 – 18 months FirstSpoon introduces pulsed homemade bean soups and pulsed homemade delicious bean stews.

You can also introduce a mixture of homemade puree carrot, sweet potato, and beans for younger kids.



At FirstSpoon, We Believe in Beans

Beans are not common food like smoothies. This is why our dieticians and nutritionists believe in beans. Our menu consists of a wide variety of homemade bean meals for kids.

For example, on the menu, we have:

• Bean soup with fish

• Bean soup with meatballs

• Fava peeled beans and lima beans

• Beef Mexican Bean Soup

Besides, to give our young ones added nutrients we use a substantial amount of vegetable and animal protein. We also prepare delicious vegetarian bean dishes.


No Canned Beans

We do not use canned beans! Canned beans are convenient but not as healthy as home cooked beans.

Additionally, we use beans that have no shells. These beans are easier for the little stomachs to digest.

Because we cook and think about our kids we go the extra mile to cook healthy and nutritious homemade meals from scratch so that they can reach their genetic potential.


And Yes! Beans Are Good for Kids

Considering all the nutritional value that beans provide they are definitely good for kids. Furthermore, watching kids’ faces as they discover and try new foods is a precious moment and an amazing feeling for any parent. Isn’t it?

Let us know your thought. Is your child eating beans? How did he/she react the first time you gave him/her beans?


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