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We’re celebrating International Families Day

We’re celebrating International Families Day

May 15, 2019

Today, we’re proud to celebrate International Families Day at First Spoons. But what is this holiday? Why is it so important? And how does it blend with our philosophy at First Spoons?

What is International Families Day?

International Families Day falls on May 15, every year. It was created by the United Nations to raise awareness about the challenges that families face.


According to the UN, the family is “the basic unit of society”. It’s the first place that we learn, receive love and help, and pass on important life lessons – like social skills, or how to lead a healthy lifestyle. In other words: your family are the most important people in your life, and parents have an important responsibility to care for and educate their children.

Why healthy meals are at the heart of family values

At First Spoons, we believe that families are built around the dinner table. When you eat healthy meals with your children, you teach them social skills, healthy habits, and the importance of the family.


But it’s a fact that many families don’t spend time eating together each day. As modern life gets busier, many people don’t have the time to cook at home, or spend quality time with their children.


That’s where First Spoons comes in. We support parents and children by cooking healthy, tasty baby food for children up to 4 years old. So you can share meals and promote a healthy lifestyle to your kids – without spending hours in the kitchen each day.


Instead, you can focus on enjoying time with your children, and celebrating the special power of families. Happy International Families Day!


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