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Weed Killer Chemicals Found in Children’s Cereals

Weed Killer Chemicals Found in Children’s Cereals

March 20, 2019

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: toxic food that could harm their baby’s health. In October 2018, glyphosate was found in some popular brands of Children’s Cereal. That’s a chemical which is used in industrial weed killers.


What is the evidence for weed killer in cereal?

Weed killer with glyphosate is used on lots of farms which grow grains for cereal. However, grains are washed as soon as they are harvested. So the amount of glyphosate left behind is very, very small.

The discovery was made by the Environmental Working Group, an activist group which campaigns for organic and chemical-free food. They have stricter guidelines than the FDA. So, the current amounts of glyphosate are considered safe by the FDA.

However, the EWG recommends avoiding cereals with glyphosate if your child is very sensitive to chemical additives in food


How can you protect your child’s health?

If you are concerned about glyphosate in cereal, then stick to buying organic, additive-free brands. However, weed killer is not the biggest health threat when it comes to breakfast cereals.

Excess sugar, salt, and preservatives are much more of a health risk, as well as other preservatives or artificial flavors. And most popular breakfast cereals contain very high amounts of sugar! Choose organic or sugar-free brands – or better yet, make healthy breakfasts at home with natural oatmeal or chia seeds.

First Spoons supports your baby’s health with additive-free, low-sugar, low-salt, and organic meals. You can be totally confident that your child’s diet is healthy and safe.

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