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Setting Down Roots In The City- Gardening Wherever You Are Planted

Setting Down Roots In The City- Gardening Wherever You Are Planted

April 25, 2018

Gardening is a great way to get in touch with seasons, our food, nature, and the rhythms of the natural world. It is also a fabulous way to get children involved in making healthy food choices in a very simple and “organic” way. Studies have shown that kids who garden choose fruits and vegetables for snacks more frequently than they had before, or than children who do not garden. Gardening also builds a sense of confidence in children and makes them feel more capable, “It is wonderful for building a child’s sense of competence, as they engage in a real life activity that they might have previously seen as only for adults.” says Dr. Wendy Matthews, a consultant for Mindprint Learning. Dr. Matthews also emphasizes the educational role of gardening, “Gardening exercises important reasoning, initiation, planning and organization skills.”

Okay, so gardening is great, but you live in the city, so now what? See if the building you live in already has rooftop gardening, if not, advocate for it. Many neighborhoods are reclaiming unused lots for gardens, look for one of these urban gardening cooperatives near you. If you come up empty handed in the outdoor gardening space department, never fear. Container gardening is easier and more accessible than ever! There are wall gardens, window boxes, and more. All you need is a sense of adventure, and access to the internet for research and choosing what to grow, and what to grow it in. For example, Walmart carries vertical self watering wall planters for a very reasonable $13. Add soil and herb starts, or seeds, a grow light if the area does not get natural light, and voila! Kitchen herb garden on your wall! There are container varieties of cherry tomatoes and strawberries, for example, or small lettuces for a salad garden. The only limit is your imagination.

Ready, set, garden!

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