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  • Does First Spoons™ packing contain BPA’s (Bisphenol A )?

    We are proud to say our packing is 100% BPA-Free.

  • How long are First Spoons™’ products good after delivery?

    We recommend that you store the food in your freezer where it could last up to ten to twelve days. If you store it in the refrigerator food could
    last up to three days. Ones you take the food out of the refrigerator the food has to be consumed for two hours.

  • Why are we organic?

    We believe wholeheartedly in the benefits of organic food; both for our health, and the impact it can have on our environment. Organic farming does not use pesticides or herbicides and often means spaces are set aside for wildlife to flourish. We recognize the direct connection between our health and how the food we eat is produced, and support organic farming.

  • I’ve been feeding my baby grocery store brands- can I introduce them to your food?

    Of course! But because babies don’t like food changes (and there is a definite difference in home-cooked baby food and the highly processed supermarket brands) it may take a few weeks before your baby accepts our fresh, crisp, clean baby food.

  • When is the food cooked?

    All First Spoons meals are prepared and produced from scratch hours before its delivery.

  • Is your food frozen?

    Yes, the food is frozen so it can come safely to your home. However there is no preservatives used or any kind of chemicals.

  • How long the food will stay fresh?

    Because we don’t use preservatives food needs to be stored in freezer and it could last for up to ten to twelve days. If you store in the refrigerator the food should be used with in two to three days.

  • What does it mean Daily Pack?

    Meals can be used supplementally throughout the day! So you can serve the #1 meal for lunch, #2 meal for dinner and the healthy snack at any time throughout the day including breakfast. Any way you mix them, to fit your baby lifestyle, we assure you your baby will be satisfied.

  • Is it ok if my child eats only one or two of the offered items from the pack?

    Absolutely! For some children this is an introduction to new foods and a healthy way of life. They may like some or all of the meal upon first spoon, however, give them time and they will come to love all of our wholesome ingredients.

  • What’s the benefit of signing up my child for the whole month?

    By signing your child up for a month at a time you are ensuring daily dosages of proper nutritional components and the development of healthy eating habits for your child. By making first spoons part of your everyday eating you are guaranteeing a healthy life for your little ones.

  • Is the food puréed?

    Yes, from 10-18 months we serve puréed meals. From18-48 months we serve small piece meals which are big enough to chew but small enough not to choke.