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Fireworks care – Happy 4th of July

Fireworks care – Happy 4th of July

July 4, 2018

July 4th is here!!! The excitement is building up and we all want to have so much fun, more than we had last year. But what really makes the celebration so interesting?

Children are not left out in the excitement. We know they love the fireworks and are mesmerized by the magic it tends to exude. Yes, they can attend a public fireworks event, but should they be handling fireworks?  That’s the question we should ask ourselves before the day arrives and we become overwhelmed.


You know how easily fireworks can injure kids, as such; they should totally stay away from it. It is not safe for kids to play with firecrackers or rockets. If they must, they could light sparklers under your watchful eyes outside the house and away from their face, hair or cloth. You should keep a bucket of water close-by just in case.


Be sure to keep kids away from each other as they light fireworks to avoid it backfiring or shooting off in the wrong direction. They should also not point fireworks at each other. Very importantly, NEVER allow your kid to hold fireworks with his or her hand or cover the fireworks with the hand or body part when lighting. Remember to keep their eyes protected.


What about you baby? Do you know the noise from the fireworks and any other form of loud noise is dangerous? Babies are very delicate and that includes their eardrums. Loud noises like those from fireworks, speakers, and loud shouts can damage your baby’s eardrum. So you need a noise cancellation headphone or earmuffs for your baby whenever you are at events (where there will be a lot of noise).


As we gear up for an eventful celebration, keep yourself, your children and baby safe.


Have a beautiful Independence Day celebration.

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