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The First 1,000 Days Of Your Baby’s Life: Why It’s So Important

The First 1,000 Days Of Your Baby’s Life: Why It’s So Important

November 10, 2016

Joy. Panic. Amazement. Fear. Awe. Anxiety. Disbelief.
Those are just some of the feelings and emotions that you experience when you hold your baby for the very first time. Joy, amazement, awe and disbelief because you created this precious little human. Panic, fear, and anxiety because this is uncharted terrain and you are now responsible for this precious little human.

Research shows that the early days – the first 1,000 to be precise – are some of the most important of your child’s life and will have a direct impact on his or her growth. That’s why it’s so crucial that your little guy or gal receive the best nutrition (in addition to loads of kisses and cuddles, of course).

Now, you’re probably wondering where to even start when trying to come up with a good nutritional plan. Don’t worry, you are not alone. In this post, we’ll dive into why a well-balanced diet matters so much in the first 1,000 days and we’ll equip you with the tools you need to not only make sure your child is eating right but enjoys eating right.

Nutrition begins in the womb

Most people don’t realize that the first nutritional preferences of a child are shaped from its experiences inside the womb and that nourishment really begins at conception. So the first step is eating healthy during pregnancy. We’re not telling you not to indulge in that 2am ice cream craving, as long you get in your fruits and veggies and avoid processed foods with artificial ingredients and preservatives. A nutrient rich diet matters both when the baby is in the womb and as soon as it switches from breast milk or formula to real food.

Why the first 1,000 days?

We’ve already emphasized that the first 1,000 lays the blueprint for your child’s future health. But why? Because children’s tastes begin to take shape long before they can talk. Making healthy choices both as pregnant mothers and in your child’s earliest days is proven to influence their development. Avoid baby foods with refined sugars at all costs, and pay attention to finding well-rounded nutrition labels. This is a critical time, proven to profoundly shape the rest of his or her life. And yet, it’s the time when so many children don’t get what they need. A recent NPR article notes that according to the World Health Organization, “around the globe, a quarter of all children 5 and under are stunted, That’s about 170 million kids. These children experience slow physical growth and cognitive delays that can last a lifetime. A chief cause: lack of good nutrition.”

Development happens rapidly in the early days. Think about those photos tracking a child’s changes in the first year! It’s truly a miracle how quickly humans evolve at this infant stage, but none of that can take place without proper nutrition. Infants grow and develop at the fastest rates of their entire lives: studies show that in the first year alone babies grow by 25-30% in height and triple in weight.


What your baby eats now can directly impact their health in the years to come

Yep, that’s right, and as a parent, being mindful now is will help prevent future health problems as this period is critical to the development of a strong immune system. By making smart choices now, you’re actually helping your child fight the risk of chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, lung problems, and more. The brain, immune and digestive systems undergo serious changes at this time, all of which lay the framework for the rest of your baby’s life. Plus, it’s so much harder to change your child’s habits later in life. Start early to avoid future tantrums!

At First Spoons™, we make it easy for you to ensure your child’s nutritional needs are met by preparing fresh, organic, all-natural, nutritionally- rich and balanced meals. And if that’s not good enough, we will also deliver these meals right to your doorstep. We believe that educating and empowering parents is a critical part of raising a healthy generation of children. Let us help you shape a healthy future for your baby – from the inside out.


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