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The First 6 Weeks!

The First 6 Weeks!

May 30, 2018

The first six weeks with your new baby are often referred to as “baby boot camp”.  Why?  Because your body and your emotions are being put through some very big changes as you adjust to having just giving birth, to breastfeeding, to your baby’s schedule, and life as “we” in a whole new way!  It is also because after those six weeks of adjustment, things typically settle down into this new “normal”, and there is more ease.  There are things you can do to support yourself and your family through this roller coaster time.


Knowledge is Power

Take the time during pregnancy to read about postpartum issues and share this information with your partner.  Learn what to expect as your body goes from being pregnant, through delivery, and into recovery.  Discuss how you might feel, what you might need, how you would like your partner to support you.  Find a new mom’s group that has mothers who have been through the postpartum period and join it while still pregnant so that you have it ready for you when baby comes.  Get realistic information about sexuality and discuss “what ifs” with your partner.  What if you have a C-section, which is surgery?  What if you tear and have stitches?  Be realistic and honest about it.  Ask your partner to imagine going through major surgery on their tender parts and then having you expect sex.


baby boot camp

-Set Up A Network Now

Pregnancy is a great time to set up support networks and have them ready to go.  If you are not part of a meal train, find a family member or friend and have them set one up for you.  This is where family, friends, co-workers, church members, anyone!, signs up to bring meals to your family during that first critical six weeks.  There are websites that can be used to create and manage them now, making it very easy to set up and to participate in.  If you don’t have dependable and peaceful family nearby, hire a postpartum doula if you can afford it (If you can’t, ask for folks to chip in at your baby shower).  You will not regret this decision!  A good doula does everything but infant care.  You need time to bond with your baby, and the doula provides that.  She will run errands, do laundry, play with older kids, grocery shop, make you tea and lunch.  She is much like a fairy godmother without the wings.   And speaking of time saving, it is never too early to think about setting up organic baby food delivery with First Spoons.  If you arrange it when you are pregnant, then meals for your baby will start showing up when you want to begin solids with your baby.


One less thing to worry about!

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