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Food safety

Food safety

July 11, 2018

Food safety: how long can you store food in the refrigerator or freezer?

Food – our only source of nutrient is very important to our existence. We do not just eat it for nutrient, we enjoy it, and so we must pay a lot of attention to it.

Over time, we have found refrigeration as one of (if not) the best method of food preservation, because of it


⁃ Preserves the nutritional value of food

⁃ Prevents spoilage and microbial growth

⁃ Saves food and prevents wastage.

⁃ Retains food flavor, color, and texture.

⁃ Prevents foodborne illness


Refrigeration is good especially if it is done at 00F, food is safer at that temperature because, at this temperature, microbial growth is inactivated.

How long should you store food in the refrigerator?

This question is very pertinent for our safety. The aim of food preservation is to retain nutrient and ensure a low possibility of foodborne illnesses. For refrigeration, food can be stored for 3 to 5 days.


How long can you store food in a freezer?

The shelf life of food stored is up to 2 months in the freezer and still be very safe for consumption. How? You may ask.

The length of time during which food is safe when stored in a refrigerator or freezer is dependent on several important factors. These factors can reduce or increase the length of food safety when stored in a refrigerator or freezer. Factors such as:


⁃ Quality of foodstuff used to make the food.

⁃ The freshness of the food at the time of refrigeration

⁃ Method and timing of refrigeration.

⁃ Refrigeration temperature.


At First Spoons we recommend not to freeze baby food for over 2 weeks, even when you have the nutrients there, our little ones have very small and delicate bodies.


A solution…

Because we are all so busy these days, refrigeration is the easy way out, to save time and energy. But do you know things can be easier? At First Spoons, we bring the solution to your doorsteps. Our foods are made in the most hygienic environment, with the freshest and locally made foodstuffs. We offer home delivery of quality frozen foods that last up to 2 weeks. What can beat that?

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