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The Importance of Palate Training Your Child

The Importance of Palate Training Your Child

November 13, 2017

You always hear parents discussing the hope that their children turn out to be good people. Decent citizens who treat other denizens of society as they themselves would like to be treated. People who hold doors for others, treat people with respect and don’t shout obscenities in public.

You know, that kind of person.

But here’s a question: What about eating habits?

Think about food

As important as it is to expose your little one to a bunch of different foods and flavors, it’s just as important to watch what you’re serving. Make sure you’re putting real foods on the table and avoiding processed foods as much as possible.

While being a good person is great and all, making sure your kids are on the right track with the food they eat is, too, quite important. Learning the importance, and benefits, of eating foods such as those fruits, vegetables, good fats, etc., at an early age will undoubtedly help those youngsters in the long run as they get older. According to a write-up in the Huffington Post, a study was released proving that children who had exposure to certain flavors at a young age often kept up the habit through the progression of their lives.

From Huffington Post:

“If a baby sees and tastes fresh food repeatedly, can this approach result in a baby liking fresh foods instead of a baby who has been raised on processed food and therefore been conditioned to like processed foods?

The answer? Yes!


Palate Training Your Child


Like most things in life, practice makes perfect

What we mean here is that you cannot expect your child to like green beans off the bat. (Because no one does.) Research shows that there’s a training that goes into it. Hence the term “palate training”—the subject of this post!

A great piece from onepotatotwotomato.com calls for a two things in order to get the training down: patience and persistence. But just an FYI: Still expect some pushback on vegetables. (Seriously, those things are hard to feed to any child!)


It starts with you

We get it: You’re a working parent who’s tired and all you want to do is lay back after work with a nice, big ole glass of red wine and a huge slice of pepperoni pizza. Unfortunately, children are like sponges—and not just with words or actions.

Think about it this way: Monkey see, monkey do. And what we mean is, children who grow up viewing parents who eat less-than-healthy food choices are often likely to themselves develop bad habits when it comes to eating. So before you grab that bag-o-chips at the grocery store, stop and ask yourself a couple of things: 1) Is this really the best choice for me – and for them? 2) Did I read the labels hard enough (seriously, this is important). 3) Is there some way I can sneak this without having to explain to my child it’s okay I eat this??

(Just kidding about that last one. Kind of.)

Basically what we’re saying here is, while we’re trying to tell you the importance of palate training your child, we won’t lie: You may have to palate train yourself a little bit, too. But don’t worry – not too much.

But hey, it’s for the kids. So it’s probably quite worth it, no?

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