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What Kind of Mother You Are You?

What Kind of Mother You Are You?

May 2, 2018

Does it really matter what kind of mom we are? Whether we are working out of the home, or in the home? If we are vegetarian or not? Does it matter if we do yoga or don’t? What religion we are, what political party we are, or where we shop for a car seat?


If you ask your baby, or your young child, the answer will be “No”. It does not matter to your child what you or do not do, it only matters to them that you are their mother. There tends to be a good deal of divisiveness around the “right” way to mother our kids and the “right” way to be a mother.


This Mother’s Day, First Spoons honors all mothers, however you do it, and however you got there. Being a Mom is probably the most important job on Earth as you are raising our future leaders, teachers, doctors, engineers, nurses, scientists and more.




There is enough stress on a day to day basis, doing the best we can, to worry about who is doing it right. Loving our children and giving them the gift of Mothers who are following their own path is a wonderful thing, so let’s shelve the guilt and “right way” and pat ourselves and each other on the back. Motherhood can be tough, and a little support and compassion goes a long way.


If you are in a Mother’s group, awesome! If you are not, consider joining one and finding a community to share support with. Smile at new mothers at the park, maybe even start up a conversation!


We are all in this together!


First Spoons supports mothers and families by providing nutritious organic meals to your door for the first 48 months of your child’s life.

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