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5 Foods to Eat If You Want to Breastfeed More

5 Foods to Eat If You Want to Breastfeed More

March 7, 2019

Breastfeeding creates a special bond between mother and baby – and it’s great for your health, too. According to the World Health Organization, breastfeeding can:


– protect your baby from infectious diseases

– reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes

– boost intellectual development


And there’s good news for moms, too. Breastfeeding can reduce your risk of cancer, diabetes, and depression. But breastfeeding can be difficult. Many mothers need support in the beginning, and even if you are experienced, you might struggle to produce enough breast milk.

There are some foods which naturally promote breast milk production. Of course, you should be eating this as part of a generally healthy diet. If you are well-nourished and have a balanced diet, then your baby will be healthier, too.


5 foods which can increase your breastmilk

1. Oatmeal

Believe it or not, this breakfast staple contains lots of beta-glucan, which helps in milk production. Have oatmeal with whole milk and fruit for a healthy breakfast – or add it to wholegrain bakes for an occasional treat.


2. Papaya

This jewel-colored fruit is traditionally used in many Asian cultures to increase breastmilk. You can eat papaya raw like any other fruit, snack on dried papaya, or cook it to use in soups and salads.


3. Barley

All whole grains are good for breastfeeding, and you should choose whole grain foods wherever you can. But barley has extra-special properties. Just like oats, barley contains lots of beta-glucan to increase breastmilk and breastfeeding hormones. Use barley in risottos, soups and stews, or use barley malt as a healthier sweetener.


4. Fennel

This tasty green vegetable is famous for helping to increase breastmilk. That’s probably because it contains phytoestrogens – hormones which increase breastmilk. You can eat fennel raw or cooked, in fresh salads or as a veggie side dish.


5. Yeast

Nutritional yeast has become trendy in health food circles. And it’s especially good for nursing mothers. Brewer’s yeast is full of minerals and B vitamins. Watch out, though: it can taste bitter! Try adding a little brewer’s yeast to baked goods, or dishes which already have a strong flavor.

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