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Myth – Fresh, natural, organic food is too expensive

Myth – Fresh, natural, organic food is too expensive

February 28, 2018

Myth: “Fresh, natural, organic food is too expensive!”

If your child’s car seat was under-going a recall because they failed, wouldn’t you want to know? Of course you would! Why then do we stick our heads in the sand when it comes to what our children eat? In the United States, we spend about 6% of our income on food. A figure that is pretty much less than every other country. That makes sense, right? Because America is wealthy country, right? Not so fast, it turns out that we spend less than what folks in Australia, England and Canada spend on food for home use, and they are not poverty-stricken countries.

According to writer/researcher Alyssa Battistoni, the big reason is this: US food policy is focused on one main goal, “producing calories as cheaply as possible. We’ve gotten so good at producing calories efficiently, in fact, that our problem is no longer that we can’t afford enough food—it’s that the types of calories that are least expensive are the ones that are worst for us.” At First Spoons, our natural baby food delivery service is based on the complete opposite- we provide your little ones with the best calories, yet still at affordable prices for our customers in Washington, DC and beyond.

Since when did we throw out the wisdom of “you get what you pay for.”? That is as true of food as anything else. You wouldn’t buy an i-phone from a guy on the street in Washington DC, selling them for ten bucks. Yet that is what we do with food – “Give me something that costs nothing, and I won’t ask any questions.” However, as many doctors, researchers and health experts point out, this is a recipe for disaster because those foods that are cheapest have hidden costs that show up elsewhere. The movie, “Super Size Me” by Morgan Spurlock, does a great job of showing the hidden costs of cheap eating. When you sign up for First Spoons natural baby food delivery, you don’t have to worry about your kids developing a taste for “foods” with hidden costs. Our foods provide the nutrition that your rapidly growing little ones need for optimal health, not empty calories.

Putting the cheapest fuel into our complex bodies means decreased performance, increased allergies, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, depression, and more. It turns out that Grandma was right, you really are what you eat! That cruddy I-phone that you bought for $10 in Washington DC is just a waste of $10. It won’t hurt you. The same cannot be said for filling your body with bargain basement fuel. The question is, why are you and your family worth top of the line toys, but not top of the line food? And I am not talking caviar and Dom, just good quality, fresh, natural ingredients. At First Spoons, we KNOW that your precious children are worth it, and our natural baby food delivery service provides it.

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