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What’s In Your Pears?

What’s In Your Pears?

January 31, 2018

What is in your pears?

That may seem like a silly question, but really, do you know what is in that jar of baby food that just says “pears and ascorbic acid” on the ingredient list?

Ascorbic acid is vitamin C, that is good, right? Not for babies. Babies have sensitive, delicately balanced systems that require fresh, whole, natural, minimally processed foods for optimum health and development. Babies need foods that are farm to table, like the way we do them here at First Spoons. When choosing organic baby food delivery Boston, research is showing that these added acids: Ascorbic acid, citric acid and folic acid, which are commonly added to increase nutrition, or as natural preservatives, can cause acid reflux in your baby. Acid reflux = pain and colic. Colic = unhappy, hurting baby and exhausted parents.

Vitamin C is highly degradable, and by the time a mass produced baby food makes it to your baby, the Vitamin C levels are negligible, so it is added to the food, both to boost nutrition, and as a preservative. Many organic brands of “on the shelf” baby food use Ascorbic acid or citric acid as preservatives. However, if your baby is eating fresh food from First Spoons, organic baby food delivery Boston, then there is no need for added acids for preservation or nutrition. All of the vitamins and minerals are at optimum levels from being freshly prepared!

Okay, we just saw that something “good for baby” is really not. Now what about the really yucky things that are not on the label? Manufacturers are not required to list pesticide residues, or to tell consumers what poisons were used to grow a particular crop. Pears are a common first food for babies because they are easily digestible, tasty and healthy. Unfortunately, pears are also on the “Dirty Dozen” list of foods that when grown conventionally have the highest pesticide content. These foods are recommended to be avoided unless purchased from organic growers. If you are still resisting the importance of organic foods, or unhappy about the cost, choose organic baby food delivery Boston. Dr. Weil, the Harvard educated health-oriented physician has a great deal to say about the Dirty Dozen: https://www.drweil.com/videos-features/photo-galleries/the-dirty-dozen-plus/

Back to those delicious, “affordable” non-organic pears. Evaluation for pesticide residues by the USDA shows 26 different ones*. TWENTY-SIX different poisons in that jar of baby food. Three of them are developmental/reproductive toxins, 2 are known neurotoxins, 4 are known, or probable, carcinogens, 9 are known hormone disruptors. Twenty-six poisons, just in a jar of pears. Twenty-six poisons being fed to our little ones every time we open a container of non-organic baby food. So, what is the “cost” of all of that?

Twenty-six different poisons, and that is just in that jar of baby food that says “pears” on the ingredient list! Yikes! Apples are also on the Dirty Dozen list, as well as peaches, spinach and grapes…all common foods to give to young children and babies. Some might say that we are being ‘scary’, but we are all adults here, and don’t believe in monsters under beds. We can share facts about important things, like hidden poisons in our children’s food. The good news is that organic baby food delivery Boston offers an alternative to nasty things with 6 syllable unpronounceable names turning up on your table!

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