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5 Benefits of Giving Your Baby an Organic Diet

5 Benefits of Giving Your Baby an Organic Diet

April 11, 2018

Did you know that babies who are fed an organic diet have less exposure to insecticides in their bodies, and are healthier?

In fact, the Organic Center of America reported that some pesticides leave residues on fruits and vegetables that can affect a child’s development and may even cause problems such as autism, obesity, overweight, and even certain forms of cancer.

Well, this must be enough reasons for you to seriously consider changing your baby’s diet, isn’t it? The truth is, as parents, it is your duty to ensure that your babies are given the best start in life. They need to be fed with the right type of foods that will promote healthy growth and development. Therefore, making sure that your baby’s diet consists of organic food is very important.

Organic Diet

As a matter of fact, there are amazing benefits to be reaped from an organic diet. Let’s look at some of these benefits: –


1. Richer in Nutrients and Vitamins            

Organic foods are richer in nutrients than non-organic and processed foods. Moreover, because they are free from herbicides and pesticides your baby will get vitamins and nutrients that are pure, natural, and free of preservatives.


2. Reduce chances of overweight or obesity

Bet you didn’t know that an organic diet will limit the chance of your baby becoming obese or overweight? Certainly!

Additionally, if your baby should become obese it will remain with him/her throughout adulthood. Therefore, it is better to monitor the weight of your child from the beginning by reducing his/her intake of processed foods.


3. Reduce Pesticide Exposure

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), non-organic baby food is the main source of pesticides and they are unsafe for infants. However, organic baby food will reduce your baby’s chance of becoming exposed to pesticides.


4. Boost Brain Development

Due to the high value of nutrients and less toxin found in organic foods, your baby’s brain will develop faster. Also, chances of having attention deficit disorder (ADD), which is a common condition among children, is less likely to occur.


5. More Delicious

Organic foods are delicious and appetizing, so it is more likely that your baby will enjoy their puree fruits and vegetables more.

Finally, what are your thoughts about babies having an organic diet? Are there any more benefits that you can think of? We would love to hear from you, so let us know below.  Also, subscribe to our newsletter so that you can receive more informative articles like this one. We look forward to hearing from you.

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