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Our Kitchen

Our Kitchen – 1

Located in Astoria, New York…



Our kitchen is a New York State certified, licensed and inspected commercial food production facility. Next to the famous Astoria Park, we chose our location is for its proximity to the rest of New York City. While New York is one of the most famous cities in the world that has just about everything to offer in a “New York minute,” it did not have a healthy children’s meal service! The parents of this trailblazing city care about health and hope to foster and contribute to a community that cater’s to children’s health. We also feel strong ties to the local economy and commitment to the community. Our business improves the local economy and strengthens local and regional food systems of the area we love so dearly.


State of the Art Equipment…

First Spoons™ strategically selected state of the art equipment which exceeds the city, state, and federal health guidelines; permitting us to achieve the specialty food processors permit. We have the right to process, produce, manufacture, package and distribute GMO-free, certified organic, farm to table fresh baby food for children between the ages of 4 to 48 months. While many companies rent kitchens for a few days a week, we chose to have our own kitchen full-time to optimize food safety. Our kitchen has high ceilings that allow light to bathe the space, making it a healthy environment for our cooks so they prepare your children’s food with love! Our staff adheres to health requirements beyond what’s necessary in the U.S., and we have on-site showers because we deliver the best possible conditions for working cooks.


Our Secure Single Story Building…

In addition to a state of the art kitchen, our secure single story building has a private loading dock, generous warehouse, large walk-in coolers and freezers, temperature-controlled packing area, employee locker changing rooms and showers, management office, marketing office, and food pick up area.


Private Loading Dock