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Our Story

Delyan and Boriana

Born and raised in Eastern Europe, we quickly learned the importance of healthy eating. Both of our families grew fresh fruits and vegetables in our backyards and local agriculture supplied most of the food source in our native Bulgaria. Once we were old enough, we began to partake in the process of growing our own food. We soon saw that this was not only the most cost effective way but the most delicious as the food actually tasted fresher. Our families produced their own eggs, meat, yogurt, milk fruit and vegetables. It was here that our love for fresh, locally grown food was cultivated (literally)!


Delyan and Boriana


Discipline, Discipline, Discipline… Always eating healthy, always moving and keeping fit!

Like children in many other Eastern European countries, we invested our spare time in the art of ballroom dancing. In fact, we are the most successful Bulgarians in this arena to date. To attain this level of achievement one needed to work hard, and commit to excellence and perfection in each area that impacted our training. Healthy eating played an integral role in executing and maintaining our peak performance. Our successes also allowed for us to experience the world and thereof, the cuisines in those countries.


World Cup and USA National Dance Champions…

Our move to the United States provided us with amazing opportunities to develop and advance our careers. When we retired from our competitive career and started our family we became easily frustrated with the food choices offered for our baby. Living in the center of it all NYC, we could not believe that there was nowhere we could go to get freshly-cooked, organically grown baby/toddler food.

Real Children’s meals, real food, really cooked…

Real food

Growing up in Bulgaria we had no idea what “fast food” was. We ate food from our grandparent’s kitchens and that food came from our own back yards where we had harvested the crop for that season. As a result obesity was a non-issue in our schools.

Living in the United States, the food industry is very different. Fried take-out is readily available on every street corner as it advertises its byproduct meals at cheap prices. Because of this, the obesity rate is at a record high and so are associated ailments such as heart disease and diabetes.

We want to revolutionize the way this country views food. In doing so we want to create a network, “First Spoons™ Families” made up of parents who are willing to speak up for the healthy future of their children.


Baby food should be fresh !

Fresh food

Fresh food without artificial ingredients and preservatives is the only option from First Spoons™. 

We adhere to world regulations and our cooking is a modernized version of an old-fashion farm to table style of cooking. Our daughter follows our FS system and she knows nothing else. In her short two years of life, has learned to love fruit and vegetables and without fail will choose a carrot or tomato over a cookie or French fries any day. She eats healthy and therefore she is healthy, only having to go to the doctors for annual exams.

Save more and play more…

Save more and play more

Like many of our customers, we are busy parents. Time is invaluable and saving money doesn’t hurt either! Economically First Spoons™ benefits those looking to purchase their own fresh, organic produce as the savings are far greater when you order through us. Dually noted is the time that you are saving in the shopping, preparation and cooking of each meal, all of which is included in the first class service from First Spoons™. Additionally, our food has been prepared by a team of experts ranging from doctors to chefs, and clearly they know far more about what is healthy and what tastes good too! First Spoons™ is a business that can help humanity, our society, and the future of our country.

So what will your child eat today? First Spoons™ hopes you join in on our Delicious Revolution!