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Our Vision

First Spoons™ is passionate about improving the healthy eating habits of our children. Solid foundations are essential in preparing children for their healthiest beginnings in life. Our programs are for babies at the critical ages of 4 months to 48 months of age.




Fresh. Healthy. Easy


We value quality and flavor over quantity and shelf life. Our customized program exclusively uses fresh food deliciously cooked from scratch, with no additives, sugars, salt, colors or preservatives ever. By choosing to start children off this way, parents imprint the correct variety of food preferences early on, promoting continued healthy habits as they grow. We believe in providing nutritional intelligence to youngsters. One way we do this is by teaching kids to love fruits and vegetables on their own, as opposed to those being items on their plate they must eat to get their dessert or a reward. Our prepared food allows for more time spent with your children, as opposed to shopping and cooking food.



Key Points:

Key Points

Healthiest Beginnings


With the increase in obesity, heart disease and diabetes in this country, we at First Spoons™ find it vital to develop healthy eating habits at a young age. We offer locally sourced food with a homemade taste without all the byproducts and fillers that are so often the cause of many of the above ailments. Everything is healthy, organic, and wholesome.


On our plan, we build a better food system for children that introduces them to healthy fats, lean meats, cheese, yogurt, fish, fruit, and vegetables. When children become accustomed to eating in a balanced way, it sets them up for a healthy life in the long-term.



Nutritional Intelligence


Nutritional Intelligence, as defined by Alan Green, is the ability to recognize and enjoy healthy amounts of good food. It can be cultivated by training the palate the same way one learns a language. First Spoons™ maximizes this pivotal window of opportunity to imprint and help children make healthy food choices.



Home Cooked Seasonally Fresh Produce


Childhood is not something that one can re-do. Upon first taste, babies have the opportunity to learn about food. First Spoons™ offers an abundance of a variety of our seasonally fresh produce. Such choices would be hard to come by if one were to singlehandedly prepare their children’s food. Therefore children deserve quality food products, designed with their health in mind.



Genetic Potential


Homemade, organic food, cooked with tender loving care is what sets First Spoons™ apart from the rest. Good food is the only way to help the body reach its maximum potential in every way. This is especially crucial for children as they grow and develop. First Spoons™ uses only the purest ingredients balanced with essential nutrients and vitamins to complement and enhance a child’s growth process from the inside out.