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Overweight kids: Europe versus the US

Overweight kids: Europe versus the US

March 14, 2018

Do you know that American kids are 3 times more overweight or obese than French kids? Yes, that is a fact. But look around you, 1 in every 3 kids here in America is obese. The question is how come Americans who are very health conscious produce obese kids and the French who are food-loving people don’t?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in 2017 that children who are suffering from obesity in the United States have tripled since the 1970’s, resulting in one in every six children being obese.

No wonder parents in America are so concern about child obesity. While over in France, obesity rates for children are very low and are likely to remain steady at 10% for over the next ten years, according to OECD.

Their secret…
In France, everyone believes that good eating habits start early; these habits are evident in their policies for school feeding. Plus, they have their Nutritionists work with Parent committees on what best to feed their kids at home, hence, the child eats properly at home and in school.

Look what Karen Le Billon, writer at New York Times says about the attitude of French Parents towards their children eating habits:

“French parents teach their children to eat like we teach our kids to read: with love, patience and firm persistence they expose their children to a wide variety of tastes, flavors and textures that are the building blocks of a varied, healthy diet.”

Not only that, children in France are healthy eaters because they can only snack once per day and vending machines and fast foods are banned from school.

What does their menu look like?
The following are what a French kid eats every other day:
• Very low sugar and instead of our sugary or fructose drinks, they are served filtered tap water.
• No fried foods, unlike our very popular French fries, pizza, and burger.
• Balanced quantities of protein, complex carbs, veggies, and fruits.
• Freshly prepared foods made daily under hygienic conditions.
• No pre-packaged foods (e.g. macaroni, pizza, fruits, soups, mashed potatoes, etc) because processed foods contain toxic additives and preservatives which causes obesity and other health challenges common among our kids.
• Meals made from locally sourced organic foods.
• A wide variety of nutrients, these supplies all they need to grow healthy and strong.
Just like reading and writing, parents and teachers educate French kids on how to eat right.
Early childhood nutrition is pivotal to the overall health outcome of every child. It sets the pace for growth (physical, cognitive etc), optimization of potentials and to a large extent, it determines the health experiences of the child all through his or her life. It can safely be said to be the stage that makes or mars a person’s health for life.

Our solution for you…
At First Spoons, we offer the necessary solution required to overcome this trend in our kids. For over 30 years, our Nutritionists and methods have been tested in Bulgaria with many millions of babies, toddlers and young children. With our profound ability, we plan meals that optimize your child’s nutritional needs for each stage of their development to set them up for their healthiest life. This helps your child reach their greatest genetic potential.
Our offers include:

A Plan
Our plan consists of healthy, organic and delicious meals for kids, with no colors, additives or preservatives, prepared in our modern and exquisite kitchen. Our meals are fresh, made with organic ingredients from ethical farms and are seasonally sourced.

We offer a variety of regular or vegetarian meal packs and organic baby foods to choose from.

As long as your door is in NYC, Boston, Connecticut and all North East, we can deliver your package safely and conveniently through our overnight delivery services.

We save you the stress of planning these meals, standing on long queues in grocery stores and cooking them. We also throw-in more benefits of achieving well-balanced and healthy feeding for your kids with the varieties we offer.

Additionally, if you are a parent and need to get in involved with organic eating, we are here to assist you. All our produces are freshly cook from our very own kitchen with our own nutritionist. The good news also is that, we understand that you are busy parents, so our business will deliver right to your door. Isn’t that amazing?

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