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How to help your baby sleep more peacefully

How to help your baby sleep more peacefully

April 3, 2019

Does your baby sleep throughout the night? Do they go down peacefully at nap time? Well, congratulations – your baby must be a miracle. Because for almost all parents, sleep can be a real struggle! We know how difficult it can be to get your baby to sleep peacefully through the night and naptime. So in today’s post, we’ve got some tips and tricks to help baby – and you! – sleep better.


Check the temperature

Start with the temperature in the room where baby sleeps. This can be more important than you think! Sit for a few minutes – is it too hot, or too cold? And does the temperature stay consistent through the night?

Test different light levels

Some babies will happily sleep in total darkness – others prefer a little light. Experiment with having lights off, corridor lights, or night lights. You’ll quickly learn what works and what doesn’t.


Stick to a routine

Once you’ve figured out the correct temperature and light levels, then stick to baby’s bedtime routine. Try to put them down at the same time every night, after following a soothing, regular routine of bathtime, pyjamas, lullabies, and so on.

Avoid stimulating foods

Small babies should not be eating processed sugar or caffeine anyway. But you should be particularly careful with bedtime meals. If your child has started to eat solids, make sure that their last snack before bedtime is something light and healthy.

Some foods can encourage sleep, because of their high melatonin levels. Try cherries, bananas, barley, or rice. These foods will help your baby’s body regulate their sleep – as well as providing slow-release energy through the night.

Soothe your baby with massage and cuddle time
Skin-to-skin contact is reassuring and calming for both parents and babies. Make time for baby massage or simply cuddling together before bedtime. Streamline your routine with First Spoons meals that are ready to go, so you can focus your time and attention on baby.


Keep calm and carry on

Even tiny babies can pick up on the emotions and stress levels of people around them. Even if you are tired or frustrated, try to stay calm and peaceful at bedtime. Keep your voice low, and speak and move slowly, so that your baby feels safe and calm too. Before you know it, they’ll be sleeping through the night – and so will you.

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