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July 26, 2018

To ensure the growth of toddlers, the World Health Organisation reminds us that toddlers must receive adequate nutrition for healthy development.


After the first 5 months, infants urge for energy will start to increase and breastmilk alone will not be sufficient. If your baby is not introduced to complementary food at this age, it can weaken their growth.


This information is enough to get you all excited to move your baby from milk to solid food. But remember though that introducing complementary food to your baby must be done in stages. Likewise, complementary foods must have nutritional value and should be fed appropriately to satisfy your baby’s need.


Now, let’s look at the stages and the menus.

⁃ STAGE ONE: 4 – 10 months
This is when your baby will get the first taste of solid. Your baby should also be able to sit up with support at this stage. At first spoon, the menu has two parts, as follows:

1st part 4 – 6 months
Menu: Purees only with a fruit or vegetable

2nd part 6 – 10 months
Menu: healthy mix purees made from 3 ingredients


⁃ STAGE TWO: 10 – 18 Months
Your precious bundle of joy will be ready for more thicker food at this stage. Remember, although you will introduce small food pieces at this stage you need to be careful because your baby will not have a lot of teeth.

Menu: Pulse or puree chef meals that include meat and vegetables. Mashed potatoes and bananas are good at this stage too.


⁃ STAGE THREE: Over 18 months
Congratulations! Your baby’s mouth is now full of teeth and he/she is now fighting you to hold the spoon. How sweet!

Menu: Now is the time to introduce regular homemade meals such as easy to chew food or you can try First Spoon Borsh Soup.


Tip: Use a spoon at stage 1 & 2 to feed your baby, it’s healthier!


Is important to keep this low sugar and low salt diet until 5 or even 7 years of age, is crucial also not to add preservatives and additives to keep our Nutritional Intelligence always in mind to separate what we grownups eat and what we feed our little ones to keep them healthy and happy.


Finally, it’s so lovely to see those little messy faces, especially in the final stage when they are trying to feed themselves. Enjoy your baby’s transition and have fun with it!


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