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What to do when baby is ready to wean – but you’re not!

What to do when baby is ready to wean – but you’re not!

April 4, 2019

Most babies are ready to try purées and mashed foods from 6 months, according to the World Health Organization. They can still benefit from breastfeeding alongside solid foods until at least two years old, as they gradually test new foods and expand their diet. But just like every baby is different, every parent is different too. And while your child is ready to grab the spoon out of your hand, you might feel less happy about weaning!

It’s very normal to have mixed feelings about weaning your baby. As well as many health benefits, breastfeeding gives moms and babies the opportunity to create a special bond. If you and your baby use formula, that quiet time spent cuddling and feeding is very precious, too.

So what do you do if baby is ready to wean… but you’re not?


You don’t have to lose bonding time

First of all, let’s clear one thing up: you don’t have to lose that special time with your baby.

If you’re struggling, then slow down the transition. Sit down for a cuddle and some quiet time with baby at your old feeding times. They will appreciate the calm and familiarity – and so will you!

Now that your baby is trying solid foods, that can be a source of bonding too. Try to make meal times fun, and treat new foods as an adventure that you and your baby are taking together. Make sure you talk, mirror facial expressions, and play along with your baby as they explore a new world of tastes and textures.


Weaning is a key nutritional stage

It’s important to remember that your baby wants solid food. Whether they realize it or not, their bodies need the nutrition from solid foods – and our instincts to protect our health are very powerful.

Instead of thinking about the loss of breastfeeding, focus on how much you are giving your baby by switching to solid foods. You are providing them with vital nutrients, setting them up for a healthy life, and helping them to discover so many exciting new flavors!

The last thing you want to do is hold your baby back, or encourage them to be a picky eater. As soon as your baby seems interested in solid foods, try offering them spoonfuls of different fruit or veggie purées. Remember, it may take a few tries before they decide what they like and dislike.


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