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What are epigenetics?

What are epigenetics?

April 18, 2019

You’ve heard of genetics: the simple idea that we inherit some of our features from our parents. Things like eye color or curly hair are baked into our DNA, and they are fixed for life. But epigenetics is the study of other, more flexible factors. Your baby’s environment and lifestyle could have a huge impact on who they grow up to be, and their health in later life.


How do epigenetics work?

The word “epigenetics” is originally Greek. And it literally means “on top of genetics”. Epigenetics are anything extra that affects how your baby develops.

So, for example, your baby could have genes which mean they are likely to be tall, or have an increased risk of some cancers But baby’s exact adult height will depend on their diet, environment, and health throughout childhood and puberty. And if they lead a healthy lifestyle, then they will be more protected from illness as they grow. Their life is affected by all those epigenetic factors in their lifestyle, as well as the genes in their DNA.


What do epigenetics mean for your baby?

Epigenetics are good news for any parent. They are proof that nothing is fixed at birth. With a healthy diet and environment, you can help your child be the best that they can be. It’s all in your hands!


At First Spoons, we believe in the power of a healthy diet. And there is certainly lots of evidence to show that a healthy infant diet leads to better health, school grades, and happiness in later life.


How to give your baby the best

So it’s important to start off right, and give your baby the best nutrients that you can. Choose food which is organic, free from unnecessary additives, and prepared in a home kitchen environment. Wherever you can, choose local and organic products.


But… we know that preparing home-cooked meals can be a lot of work! Not to mention shopping for organic produce and planning age-appropriate, healthy meals for everyone in the family.


That’s where First Spoons come in. That’s why we produce food which is guaranteed to be healthy, fresh, and designed for your child’s exact developmental stage. And that’s why we deliver baby food, direct to busy moms and dads.

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