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What you don’t know about Potassium

What you don’t know about Potassium

February 21, 2018

What you don’t know about Potassium

How many milligrams of potassium does an adult need? You may be surprised to find out that it is 4700 mg. A breastfeeding mother needs 5100! For babies between the ages of 7 months and one year, it is 700 mg, and for toddlers from ages one year to three years, it is 3000 mg. (Before solids, babies get their potassium from Mother’s milk, or formula.) That is all nice to know, right…Just more silly statistics on nutrition that we don’t really care about. Just eat a banana, right? Well, I hope that you like bananas, because at 422 mg of potassium, you would need about 11-12 bananas as an adult to fulfill your requirement! Your toddler will need to eat 7! SEVEN BANANAS a day! New studies are showing that potassium is much more important than previously believed, and also more difficult to get enough in today’s “modern” diets. So what do you do? At First Spoons, we care about these requirements, and make them part of our dietary planning. We provide healthy baby food, in very simple, natural, nutrient dense ways and provide it to our clients on the Upper East Side, and more.

Why bananas became the go to food for potassium is a mystery. Maybe because they are sweet and portable – two things we love. We are not saying don’t eat a banana, just that there is more to this story. Avocados, acorn squash, spinach, sweet potato and white beans all have more potassium than a banana. Avocados weigh in at over 1000 mg, while acorn squash, spinach and sweet potato are all over 800 mg per serving. It turns out that when we moved away from diets based on roots, vegetables, legumes, fruits and grains and to processed foods, that we tipped the balance from lots of Potassium and little sodium to the reverse: lots of sodium and little potassium. Low potassium is linked to fatigue, kidney problems, thin/brittle hair, insomnia, slow growth, high blood pressure and more. According to newer research, 98% of Americans are potassium deficient. Studies are finding that ADD and ADHD symptoms get better with high potassium diets that meet the RDA for potassium! We founded First Spoons to provide healthy baby food because we believed that great nutrition is critical, and now studies are proving it!

When you start your kids out on a natural, balanced high potassium/low sodium diet, you are providing what they need for optimal growth and development and setting them up for a healthy successful life later on. At First Spoons, we feature healthy baby foods that are some of the highest in potassium, and we do not add sodium, so your child does not develop a taste for high salt foods. Whether you live in the Upper East Side, or Boston, we all want the best for our children: healthy, natural foods that provide the foundation for the best life.

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